The ‘Still Working’ videos prove the extreme reliability of ifm sensors. With a Mythbusters sense of adventure, these videos show just how enduring ifm products are in extraordinary situations – situations that fall well outside the industrial applications they are used in.

While we’ve had fun making these videos, we’re also very serious about how dependable, robust and tough ifm products are. We put them in harsh, punishing situations and subject them to various temperatures, elements, heights, impacts, vibrations and shock. Even when we think we’ve gone too far, we find they’re STILL WORKING!

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Still Working 2



What do you get when you combine a roaring fire, a cauldron-like ‘camp oven’, a temperature sensor and two blokes from ifm? Find out what challenge...

Still Working 3


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Our products are distinguished by above-average reliability and highest precision. You have our word on that – and a 5-year warranty. In addition, we are there for you at any time with advice, support and know-how as a reliable partner. We want you to use our products with the feeling of confidence that ifm is the right partner for your automation goals.