In an evolving world where efficiency and speed are at the forefront of industrial production, factories are looking to smarter, flexible technology to improve their outputs. Intelligent sensors with 3D technology enable machines to perceive their environment with human-like vision, giving them the ability to work faster and more effectively – even in unstructured environments.

The ifm range of 3D imaging sensor technology not only provides solutions for current applications in the production and logistics sectors, but flexibility for customisable, future applications. The possibilities with this innovative technology – particularly in light of the next industrial revolution – are countless.

This white paper provides an overview of the current technology, providing a comparison between intelligent 3D sensor technology and conventional 2D sensor technology and a discussion of the user-friendly, intuitive apps in the ifm 03D vision sensor range. Additionally, this paper reflects on the potential industrial applications of the ifm03D range, including the 03X100 3D product – one of the world’s smallest 3D imagers based on the time-of-flight principle

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